What We Do

Bizzi Marketing makes it possible for local, independent businesses to become more effective online

We’re a web design & development company and we exist to support smaller, local businesses with their website and digital development needs.

By providing a choice of affordable websites and business support services we can equip smaller, local businesses with the tools to help them succeed online.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the web, developing your existing website or maybe you want to set up your first online shop, we’ll help you to achieve your needs.

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Meet Our Founder

Here's Martin Smith, Our Founder - Don't Worry he's not as old as he looks 😂
  1. Agency Supplies Ltd
    Nov, 2018
    Foundation of the Company

    Agency Supplies Ltd (Our holding Ltd Company) is formed by Martin Smith (Our Founder). Martin has worked in the UK Plumbing & Heating industry all his working life.

    (Which is quite a while now 😆)

    More below on him...

  2. Bizzi Marketing
    Jan, 2019
    Bizzi Marketing is Born

    As the title says the Bizzi Marketing concept is born with the guiding philosophy of 'closing the marketing gap between the large and the small'. It's a doctrine that guides us to this day and one that gives us the purpose and the energy we need to be successful.

  3. Aug, 2020
    Plumbers Near Me

    Over the years we have developed much experience with small and medium sized businesses none more so than in the UK plumbing and heating sector. In August 2021 we established another trading brand - Plumbers Near Me which provides digital marketing services in the fast automating UK 'one-off' plumbing & heating marketplace. Here we provide lead generation services coupled with web tools and applications all designed to help our smaller partners compete with 'the big guys.'

  4. Bee
    Aug, 2021
    Bizzi Leads

    It's been a turbulent couple of years to say the least but here we are today and Bizzi Leads has become the specialist lead generation brand within the Agency Supplies Ltd / Bizzi stable. Invest in us then for your lead generation activities and we'll deliver the opportunities you require to make your local  business fly.

  5. Online Boiler Quotation
    Feb, 2022
    DY Connect

    DY Connect supports local, independent businesses throughout the DY postcode. There are over 400,000 people and 27,000 businesses residing in the 14 DY postcode areas and this business aims to bring them together.

Martin Smith
Martin Smith

Founder & Owner

Martin says his primary ambition is to assist small and medium sized local businesses to succeed online. He has worked in senior commercial positions in small, medium and large companies for a good number of years and he knows that this qualifies him to understand the many needs of today's local business owner. Martin says... "It's a time of great digitalisation and we are here to help local independent businesses of any kind to succeed online.