Boiler Replacement Plug In

Add this innovative boiler estimating tool to your existing website and allow your customer to build their own boiler replacement estimate using values you have preset. A single line of code is all it takes.
  • Confirm the estimate automatically on email to your customer and receive and receive a copy yourself.
  • Choose the boilers you want to feature and include your prices and warranties.
  • Follow up with a survey if you wish before confirming the final price.
Improved Efficiency
Weed out the time wasters and the lost time building estimates knowing all leads generated have a high probability of success.
Improved Conversion Rates
Your customer will become immediately engaged when they build their own boiler replacement estimate and this improves your conversion rate.
Build Your Marketing Effectiveness
Grow the perceptions of your customers as your boiler estimating tool positions you positively versus your competitors who have not automated their estimating.
Get More Quality Time
Cut down the time you spend creating estimates and quotes knowing you have covered all the options and create more time for leisure and loved ones.
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Hours Saved

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

No, We're sorry. You'll need to buy the fully transactional website for that. Why not consider starting with an upgraded boiler estimating website and then upgrading later on to the full finance version?

Yes, of course. The development platform we use is designed to plug into the vast majority of web design platforms. Just ask your developers to do it for you and we'll send them the code. Alternatively, we might be able to embed it for you. 

No, this is an annual payment and we'll send you a renewal reminder every year. We'll also talk to you about any changes you require in terms of favoured boiler brands, packages and prices.

No, you get a fully managed service for the whole year. Just call us, let us know the changes you require and we'll sort it for you.

That's no problem. Just let us know what you want changing and we'll sort it quickly for you.

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