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More and more Boiler Installers are discovering the benefits of working with Kanda Finance
  • We can build the Kanda Finance offer into a new transactional website. Get paid within 72 hours every single time and there's no need to stress about chasing payments.
  • Automate your boiler quoting and sales process whilst offering a great range of payment plans. Your customers will thank you for it..

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Online Applications
Your customer can make the finance application as part of their checkout process once they have chosen their preffered boiler package.
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Quicker & Easier
Finance applications run like clockwork with Kanda and acceptance levels run at around 80% once your customer applies through the website.
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Faster Payments
There's no need to worry about chasing payments from elusive customers as your money is guaranteed when you work with Kanda.
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Fully Automated
Automate your business by including the Kanda Finance plug in with your new Boiler Website. We'll do all the web techie stuff so you can relax.
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