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Professional Website | £1,999

This is our top of the range package and includes up to 25 pages. Designed to be SEO friendly and ready to position your business prominently amongst the search engines.
  • We'll design a logo for your business as part of this package. We'll also be happy to develop your existing logo should you prefer.
  • We'll provide you with optimisied content for your website to set you off in the right direction for SEO.
  • We will also set up your website with its own blog whcih is very important for content based SEO progression.

* Note £39.99 per month hosting and management fee applies

Email Included
Get 5 business email addresses with this package. Having an email address with your company name in it conveys a more professional image.
Improved Conversion Rates
Your customer will become more engaged with your business when they have spent time looking at your professional website.
Fast Delivery Time
Once you have placed your order you'll have your new, bespoke and branded website in 2-4 weeks. So, no delays once you have made your decision.
Pay a 50% Deposit
Pay just 50% up front as a deposit and then receive your final invoice when you are happy with your new website and it is launched.

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Yes, of course. All of the websites we develop are specifically for the business we are dealing with.

You get up to 25 pages dependent on the needs of your business.

This covers your SSL Certificate, your domain name and your monthly website hosting. It also includes minor updates and changes.

If you require a modification to a section on your website such as an image change, or product, service details and price amendments, just give us a call and we will make those changes without charge. If you require significant changes to your website that are likely to take more than 2 hours of work, we will need to quote you extra for those but we expect you will not want to make detailed changes too often so your £39.99 per month fee should be all you need to pay.

Currently, we are looking at 2-4 weeks but this can change when we are busy, so we always encourage our customers to place their orders in good time.

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